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Founded in 1869 by Colonel James A. Coffey, Coffeyville encompasses 8.5 square miles near the Verdigris River in southeast Kansas. Known for its unique and colorful history, Coffeyville is a progressive community with a strong industrial base. Home to John Deere Coffeyville Works; Acme Foundry; CVR Energy (formerly Farmland Industries), Acme Foundry, Coffeyville SEKTAM and a variety of other industries.   In April, 1999,  opened one of their largest distribution centers in the Coffeyville Industrial Park. They are currently the city's largest employer.

Today, approximately 170 employees work for the City of Coffeyville which operates
under the mayor/city manager form of government. City commission meetings are held on
the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall under the leadership
of Mayor
Alec Hendryx.

City Commissioners
City Administration
Department Directors
City Finances
Building Permit Information
Demolition Permit
List of Licensed Contractors
Voter Registration Forms
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Cold Weather Rule
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Coffeyville Board of Commissioners

Don Edwards, Commissioner           Contact Commissioner Edwards        620-252-5973
David L. George, Vice Mayor         Contact Commissioner George
Pam Jones, Mayor                           Contact Commissioner Jones             620-251-2843
Richard Gonzales, Commissioner    Contact Commissioner Gonzales       620-251-3665
Virgil O. Horn, Jr., Commissioner   Contact Commissioner Horn              620-251-2070

CITY ADMINISTRATION                                
Jeff Morris, City Manager - 620-252-6163   
Stephanie Richardson, Finance Dir - 252-6103                        
Cindy Price, City Clerk - 620-252-6108 
Marilynn Evenson, Human Resources - 620-252-6121
Angie Naden, Treasurer - 620-252-6142  
E-mail:  Click on the name above                  
Fax Number - 620-252-6175 
Dennis Jacobs, City Planner/Architect - 620-252-6128              

Gene Ratzlaff, Electric Utility - 620-252-6184                                                       
James Grimmett, Fire Department - 620-252-6147
Paul Kritz, City Attorney - 620-252-6142
Joe Humble, Police Department
- 620-252-6122
Chuck Shively, Public Works - 620-252-6007

Jim Bradshaw, Public Works Deputy - 620-252-6020

Randy Barg, Water/Wastewater - 620-252-6139
Scott Massman, Engineering - 620-252-6127

Planning & Zoning - 620-252-6128 or 620-252-6131

             Fax Number - 620-252-6175

City of Coffeyville Staff Contact Information
E-mail:  Click on the name above
Mailing address:  P. O. Box 1629, Coffeyville, KS  67337
Physical address:  102 West Seventh Street, Coffeyville, KS  67337

City of Coffeyville Comprehensive Plan May 2010

Senior Citizen Mandatory Trash Rate Application

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Tree Dump
Dispose of tree limbs and leaves
Directions:  Go to 1st and Union and follow the signs
Hours:  Thursday & Friday, 3 to 6; Saturday, 8 to 4; Sunday, 1 to 3.

Registering dogs
Dogs over six months of age kept in the City limits must be registered and issued a dog tag.  The cost is $4 per year with proof of rabies vaccination required to obtain a tag.  If a dog has a one-year rabies vaccination, the tag will be good for one year; if the rabies vaccination is for two years, a two-year dog tag will be issued.  Tags can be obtained in the Utility Office at City Hall and will be issued upon receipt of a certificate issued by a veterinarian certifying the dog has been inoculated against rabies.

Building Permits
Issued in Engineer's Office - 102 W 7th, Coffeyville, 620-252-6128
One & Two Family Residential Building Permit Application
Multiple Family Building Permit Application
Commercial Building Permit Application
Building Permit Fees

Subdivision Regulations

Demolition Permits
Issued In Engineer's Office - 102 W 7th, Coffeyville, 620-252-6127
Demolition Permit

License Applications
Contractors License Application
Electrician License Application
Plumber License Application

Licensed Contractors in the City of Coffeyville
Licensed Plumbing, Electrical and Gasfitter Contractors in the City of Coffeyville

Zoning Application

Zoning Variance Application

Police Department

Fire Department

City Finances
2009 Mill Levy Breakdown + City Mill Levy History
FY2009 Where The Money Comes From

FY2009 Where The Money Goes

Colonel James A. Coffey, founder of Coffeyville

Coffeyville Mayors

Coffeyville Postmasters

Apply for City Boards & Commissions

City Commission Meeting Minutes

City Commission Meeting Agendas

City of Coffeyville Annual Drinking Water Report
For Calendar Year 2009
For Calendar Year 2008
For Calendar Year 2007
For Calendar Year 2006
For Calendar Year 2005

Relocation Packet

Community Profile

Curfew Hours

Downtown Coffeyville - Mainstreet

Utility Rates - Residential

Minimum Standard For Housing and Premises Code

Proposed Rental Standards - THESE HAVE NOT BEEN ADOPTED

Minimum Standard for Commercial and Retail Buildings Code

Coffeyville Talk - helpful to newcomers

Voter Registration Forms
Click here to find Voter Registration Forms

Policy For Sounding Tornado Sirens

The storm sirens will be sounded in Coffeyville if southern Montgomery County is placed under a tornado warning.  A tornado warning means the weather service radar is showing rotation in the atmosphere.  Additionally, the sirens will be sounded if a tornado is actually confirmed by a trained weather spotter.

An all-clear siren is not sounded.  This alleviates the confusion for citizens wondering if it is another warning or an all-clear signal.

Local Storm Shelters
City Hall - 7th & Walnut - open any time
Coffeyville Regional Medical Center - Basement Walking Track - open any time
Community Elementary School - enter south Multi Purpose Room door
Field Kindley High School - enter from north side of gymnasium
Fire Department - 7th & Walnut - open any time
First Assembly of God Church - 1504 W. 8th - open during day & evening
First Church of God - 5th & Cline - open any time
St. Paul's Lutheran Church - 506 W. 9th

Cold Weather Rule
During the period November 1 through March 31, the City of Coffeyville shall not
discontinue electric service to any residential customer if the customer
meets the following good faith test:

1.  Inform City of the inability to pay
2.  Cooperate with the City on a payment agreement
3.  Make initial payment
4.  Apply for Federal, State and local or other aid

The City of Coffeyville shall not disconnect a customer's electric
service during the cold weather when temperature forecasts will
drop below 32 degrees within the following 24-hour period.
Customers should be aware that the water utility may be cut at any time
when customer becomes in default of the good faith test.

Garage Sales
According to the City of Coffeyville Code of Ordinance Sec. 14-1, a license is required to
conduct a home, garage or rummage sale. Each license is good for a maximum of
three consecutive days and no more than two sales shall be permitted by the same person
or on the same premises during a 12-month period. A permit costs $3 and can
be obtained in the Customer Service Department at City Hall.


Sec. l3 l/2-3. Posting handbills.

It shall be unlawful for any person to post, stick or place any handbill, show bill, advertisement, poster, sticker or any other written or printed matter in or upon any wall, bridge, post, pole, fence, building, vehicle of another, public or private, or to print, write, or make on said property without the consent of the owner thereof.

Sec. l3 l/2-5. Posting notices.

No person shall post or affix any notice, poster or other paper or device, calculated to attract the attention of the public, to any lamppost, public utility pole or shade tree, or upon any public structure or building, except as may be authorized or required by law.


All Area Code 620

Animal Control—252-6160
Building, Electrical & Plumbing Permits—252-6128
Crime Tip Hotline—252-6133
Dilapidated Structures/Weed Lots—252-6149
Fire Department Inquiries—252-6148
General Information—252-6100
Hillcrest Golf Course Clubhouse—252-6190
Lodge Rentals—252-6108
Municipal Court/Traffic Fines—252-6114
Police Department Inquiries—252-6160
Power Outage—252-6180
Streets, Parks, Cemeteries—252-6152
Utility Connections/Statement Inquiries—252-6124
Voter Registration Information—252-6108
Youth Activities Center—251-8400